Bottle dregs are a very interesting and economical way to get your hands on some yeast. I went to my local beer store and bought some bottles with hopefully interesting bugs inside. Check that your bottles are as fresh as possible and that they were kept cool. I don’t use Erlenmeyer flasks because its impossible to keep them sterile. Old jam glasses with a screw on lid do the job much better with a slight modification, see my yeast starter post. The mixture for my starter is a 1:10 ratio of dried malt extract and water. This creates a wort of about 1.035 gravity. I do not add any hops. The half filled mason jars were then sterilized in a[…]

I could get my hands on a cheap second hand Spark Core so what else to do than to build a brewpi shield for it. You can find Elcos original schematics here: There is no DIP version for the DS2482 chip, but you can buy a SOIC-DIP adapter on ebay.   Parts List and costs: Spark Core [Amazon][Ebay] 29.00 2.4″ SPI TFT LCD [Amazon][Ebay] 6.65 SOIC-8 to DIP-8 Adapter [Amazon][Ebay] 1.58 CD74HCT125E Quad Buffer [Amazon][Ebay] 0.51 DS2482S-100 1-Wire Master[Amazon][Ebay] 0.88 12xMale Headers [Amazon][Ebay] 0.20 46xFemale Headers [Amazon][Ebay] 0.15 IC socket 16 Pin [Amazon][Ebay] 0.16 2×0.1uF Capacitor [Amazon][Ebay] 0.13 7805 5V DC-DC Converter [Amazon][Ebay] 0.4 Transistor 2N3906 [Amazon][Ebay] 0.15 4x10k Resistor [Amazon][Ebay] 0.08 2x1k Resistor [Amazon][Ebay] 0.04 1×39 Resistor [Amazon][Ebay][…]

UPDATE 01.2017 : With the new Raspbian release these Modules are now fully integrated. So this guide finally becomes obsolete. I bought 2 cheap Chinese Wifi modules for my Raspberry Pi: I even checked in the reviews that the Dongles work with RPi but i think they have changed the chip since then so both do not work out of the box! lsusb just says: Bus 001 Device 004: ID 148f:7601 Ralink Technology, Corp. I found the following thread and compiled the driver myself: Check your Kernel version with uname -a and get the right header version for the kernel you are using. You can get the latest Linux Driver source from here: rpi-update sudo apt-get[…]

In my last build, i had a lot of problems with LCD errors from the 78HC595 shift register, so i had to look for an alternative. I found the post from vasco on the BrewPi Forum: Vasco already done all the work and you can download the hex file from the link above. Update: Daniel made an new Version of the Software, i could not test it yet because I’m using the original brewpi. You can find tit here. I updated my schematics for the I2C display: Parts List: Bluetooth 4.0 USB Module [Amazon][Ebay] Bluetooth-Serial Module HC06 or HC05 [Amazon][Ebay] Arduino Pro mini (with quarz)[Amazon][Ebay] Temp Sensors ds18b20[Amazon][Ebay] I2C Display 20×4 [Amazon][Ebay] Double Arduino Relay [Amazon][Ebay] Rotary Encoder [Amazon][Ebay][…]

I made an improved Version of the Brewpi from the last Post, it is now possible to connect it directly to the display. Everything was designed to minimize footprint and cabling. Please use ceramic and not electrolytic decoupling capacitors. The PCB i used for the new build is double sided, literally. The advantages are that its easy the solder the reversed female headers for the display. It is also much better quality than the cheap PCB i used for my last build where the contacts came of the board when heated for a little bit too long. The disadvantage is that you have to be very careful with the jumper wires on the top side, they have to be isolated[…]