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The most visited homebrew forum in the world.
Not so much going on there, but if you are a BIAB brewer you can find alot of good information.


Great recipes.
Some good DIY articles there.
Finnaly someone who clears up the myths, check out the experiments.
This is a classic, he wrote a wonderfull book about sour beer.
A fellow swiss brewer. This guy is an expert on yeast.
Planning to make some candi siroup? Use Ryans guide. He also has alot of great recipes.
Another classic, braukaiser was working on experiments when alot of us did not even know about homebrew.
Alot of good information on brewing.


The best yeast pitch rate calculator. If you don’t own a microscope to count cells, use this calculator.
Gravity to high ot too low? Use this calc for quick adjustments.
If you use a refratometer to measure gravity while fermenting, this is the best calculator. Sean did advanced research to come out with a better formula.



Good sources for recipes other than Blogs and Books


This is the swiss multitap bar.
Switzerland beer guide.
The best swiss homebrew shop.


Alot of information on sour and wild brews.