I believe good beer comes from a clean system and a healty fermentation. But there is a lot of good beer around. Very good beer needs something more. A creative brewer, taking risks, it is not about the system anymore. It becomes an art. – Lukas Holenweg

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  1. Lee Bussy says:

    Hi Lukas,

    I found your writeup on the I2C implementation of the Arduino firmware and found my way over to Daniel Frost’s Git for the work:


    I was wondering if you ever got this to work? It seems he forked from 0.2.10 (Legacy) and even if I use his precompiled hex file, I get a controller that’s not recognized by the python scripts. I get the dreaded:

    2019-04-03 16:41:15 Warning: Cannot receive version number from controller. Your controller is either not programmed or running a very old version of BrewPi. Please upload a new version of BrewPi to your controller.

    There’s no contact information for Daniel, I was wondering on the offhand chance that you might know how to contact him, or how to navigate one’s way around this?

    I’m sure you get a lot of emails about BrewPi. I’m sorry to ping you directly but I’ve run out of options.

    1. Hi Lee,

      I’m sorry for the late answer. I did not use the I2C brewpi for a long time, it did work back then tough. Probably its not compatible with the new phyton script anymore.

      If i would rebuild the brewpi today, i would probably use an esp8266.


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