Keeping stock

I created a simple excel file to manage brewing materials. With it you can keep stock of your hops, yeast and malt. When you want to brew a beer, it tells you the exact amount of ingredients you have left and if you have to order any.

Historic view on the stock of your brewing ingredients.

You can download the file here:

How to use

First add all the malt types you are using to column A of the Malt_Calc sheet. To simplify recipe creation, you can also add their EBC or Lovibond.

Now go to the Malt_Stock sheet. All the malts you added before are now here.

Add the date of today in a new row (CTRL+:)

Enter the amount you have in stock. Every time you remove or add malt, add a new date and enter the numbers. When removing malt add a trailing minus. You can see the total on top in the second row.

Now if you want to check that you have enough malt to brew a recipe, go back to the Malt_Calc sheet.

Enter the name of the beer you want to brew in the top row and how many batches in the one bellow. Then enter the amount of malt needed in the same column.

In this second example i have added a new beer (Imperial Porter II). You can see that i don’t have enough malt in stock and the sheet shows the amount that is missing.

The calculator works exactly the same for hops and yeast. Happy Brewing!

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