I could get my hands on a cheap second hand Spark Core so what else to do than to build a brewpi shield for it.



You can find Elcos original schematics here:

There is no DIP version for the DS2482 chip, but you can buy a SOIC-DIP adapter on ebay.


brewpi_spark_5  brewpi_spark_4

Parts List and costs:

Spark Core [Amazon][Ebay] 29.00
2.4″ SPI TFT LCD [Amazon][Ebay] 6.65
SOIC-8 to DIP-8 Adapter [Amazon][Ebay] 1.58
CD74HCT125E Quad Buffer [Amazon][Ebay] 0.51
DS2482S-100 1-Wire Master[Amazon][Ebay] 0.88
12xMale Headers [Amazon][Ebay] 0.20
46xFemale Headers [Amazon][Ebay] 0.15
IC socket 16 Pin [Amazon][Ebay] 0.16
2×0.1uF Capacitor [Amazon][Ebay] 0.13
7805 5V DC-DC Converter [Amazon][Ebay] 0.4
Transistor 2N3906 [Amazon][Ebay] 0.15
4x10k Resistor [Amazon][Ebay] 0.08
2x1k Resistor [Amazon][Ebay] 0.04
1×39 Resistor [Amazon][Ebay] 0.02
Total ~40$

The buzzer in the next image is not necessary, i just added it for testing purposes.






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21 thoughts on “BrewPi Spark DIY Shield

  1. Matt says:

    Nice! Where did you get the Spark core from?

    1. doomlab says:

      Its a second hand spark i bought at ricardo.ch (ebay clone) page.

  2. ubermick says:

    Is that a buzzer on there?

    1. doomlab says:

      Yes, i added it to check if the programming worked before i recieved the display.

  3. SaarB says:

    Great job, thank you for the instruction. Curious, what rev of code did you put on the Spark, it looks different from the BrewPi Spark display I have seen?

    1. doomlab says:

      Thank you, the screenshot is from an old preview version. Right now im using Firmware 0.2.10. Cheers!

      1. Brett Saarinen says:

        Would a 2.8″ SainSmart TFT LCD suffice, only one I can find locally?

        1. doomlab says:

          Check the pinout, if it is identical and the voltages are the same go on!

  4. Miloslav says:

    Do you also have schematic for this shield please?

  5. Ninzaa says:

    I’m a noob when it comes to brewing and recently got a fermentation chamber. I’m a DIY guy and have been reading DIY about brew-pi and i came across your page. Had a couple of questions

    1) I live in an apt and I have an old PC, can the spark/photon communicate with PC instead of RPi if I used the following setup ? http://docs.brewpi.com/manual-brewpi-install/manual-brewpi-install.html

    2) Is the programming for spark/photon different ? (i haven’t used either in my earlier DIYs) and where could i find the source-code for the same ?

    1. doomlab says:

      Hi Ninzaa,

      1. Yes that will work.

      2. I have not used the photon, but it should be compatible witch the spark and pinout is the same.


  6. Lars B says:

    Where did the transistor fit in? (Is it at the 1-wire master?)

    1. doomlab says:

      What transistor? Its a 7805 5V DC-DC Converter

      1. LarsB says:

        On the parts list you mention a “Transistor 2N3906”

      2. GromitDJ says:

        I believe he is asking about the TO-92 package that is below the voltage regulator in the first picture after the BOM. I believe it is the 2N3906, but is not shown in any subsequent pictures. Perhaps it was only there for the buzzer.

        1. doomlab says:

          Ah yes, thats right i use it for the buzzer. It was just added for debugging.

  7. Cam says:

    Buzzer question. If you look at Elco’s last published schematic it uses a BSS84 P-MOSFET to drive the buzzer. If you look closely at the pictures on the BrewPi store you can see it’s a BSS138 N-MOSFET. I know both will actually work but the logic will be inverted. So the question is are you still using a 2N3906 PNP transistor with the latest firmwares ?

    1. Hi Cameron,

      I’m still waiting for the multi chamber firmware. Its a long time since i updated my spark. I only added the buzzer for testing and i used a 2N3906 because i had no BSS84.

      I would say go with the official schematic. Maybe check if the software drives the buzzer output high or low when off.


  8. Pere-Lluis says:

    Hey there, I’m considering doing this myself to upgrade my arduino build, but I don’t know if it has gotten old since there is already spark 3. How would this compare? Did you experience any improvements with this set up compared to the arduino ones?

    1. Hi Pere-Lluis, sorry, i dont use the spark brewpi anymore. I wanted to use the multichamber support of the spark but it never came out so i went with multiple arduinos. Today i would probably use ESP8266. Maybe check out the brewpi forum if you need info on the spark 3.

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